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Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

An eco-friendly disinfectant, Silver Hydrogen Peroxide has been used universally. The silver here works as activator and stabilizer that keep the hydrogen atoms stable. No doubt, this product is safe for both the environment and humans. Being present as a catalyst, it is a multi-purpose disinfectant which is biodegradable in nature. The Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is highly popular because of its high oxidizing properties. The disinfectant is a synergized combination of Hydrogen Peroxide with silver and other stabilizers. It is a multipurpose disinfectant use of air, water and surface, which makes it highly recommendable among many customers.

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is a powerful disinfectant fungicide, antibacterial, amoebicide, virucide, and algaecide that eradicate a wide range of microorganisms. As compared to other disinfectants, this combination is twenty times more powerful.

Reasons for choosing Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

In general, the hydrogen peroxide has the property to get decomposed. Combining it with silver brings stabilization and enhances stability of the hydrogen peroxide solution. Whether it is agriculture, food or beverage industry; most of them make use of the offered disinfectant. There are several reasons for selecting Silver Hydrogen Peroxide over others.

  • Eco-friendly nature.
  • Degraded to oxygen and water.
  • Air, soil, water and surface sanitation.
  • Non-toxic in nature.
  • Does not produce any kind of foam.
  • No requirement of flushing with water.
  • High penetration power.
  • Show effectiveness against nematodes, fungus, viral and bacterial disease.
  • Never show any residual effect.
  • Used for pre-plantation soil fumigation.
  • Cost saving property.
  • Minimizes the use of fungicides.

Supreme characteristics of Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the popularized disinfectants that are highly effective against fungi, bacteria, virus, spores and different kinds of mycobacteria. The bacteria undergo various lab tests and get the green signal after several trials.

Peroxide in Silver Hydrogen Peroxide generally comprises of peroxide ions connected by two oxygen atoms via a single bond. That’s why; acts as a strong oxidizing agent. Hydrogen Peroxide is available as a colourless liquid which is slightly viscous than water. In 1818, it was discovered by a scientist an extracted via vacuum distillation in 1894. In general, it is handled in diluted form as the pure hydrogen peroxide generally explodes if kept for boiling. Mentioned are some of the important points describing the features of Silver Hydrogen Peroxide.

  • Pure hydrogen peroxide freezes at -0.43 degrees.
  • Boiling point is 150.2 degrees.
  • Denser than water and soluble in it.
  • Acidic smell at high concentration.
  • Inflammable in nature.
  • Becomes solid at low temperature.
  • Bitter in taste.
  • Soluble in ether, alcohol, and decomposed into water and oxygen.

The noted features of silver on combining with Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. Oligodynamic function

Generally, ionic silver shows a toxic effect on bacterial cells. It acts by denaturing the enzymes of organism or target cells and binding with the reactive thiol groups. This results in precipitation of it as a silver sulfide and resulting in their inactivation.

  1. Stabilizer function

On adding the silver in hydrogen peroxide helps in preventing the decomposition of same.

  • Activator function

On coming in contact with the organic material, silver starts activating the hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, it acts as excellent disinfection which is effective for a longer period of time.

Showing its excellent action

Silver is already known for is a bactericidal agent and shows the occurrence of antibiotic-resistant strains like HA-MRSA and CA-MRSA. Certainly, it enhances the interest of users regarding its properties as an antibacterial agent. The silver shows its antibacterial properties when it is present in the ionized form. Due to the presence of +1 surface charge, silver has the ability to enter the cell through transmembrane proteins. The Silver Hydrogen Peroxide acts by bonding with thiol containing compounds present in the cell membrane. In turn, this results in ion transportation and transmembrane energy generation. There is a catalyzed formation of disulfide bonds responsible for changing the shape of cellular enzymes and hindering in their formation process.

After entering the cell, silver joins itself with pyrimidine and purine base, affecting the hydrogen holding feature. Thus, it causes denaturing of the DNA particle.

Available forms of silver administration

The silver is present in three common forms named as –

  • Silver salts – This form provides a large quantity of silver ions.
  • Silver zeolite – In general, zeolite acts as a porous medium of sodium aluminosilicate. It has the ability to hold the silver ions in micropores form.
  • Silver nanoparticles – The mentioned form is known for its bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and microbial properties.

The valuable uses of Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is a useful disinfectant selected by many industries. For the purposeful use, it is necessary to take the correct dosage. There are some products which meant to be used as it is or required to be diluted. Listed are some of the useful advantages of Silver Hydrogen Peroxide as a disinfectant.

  1. Horticulture industry

The product is used for treatment of the entire water system including –

  • Silos
  • Drip line systems
  • Spray systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Gutters
  • Hydroculture

Not only this, but also beneficial in disinfecting empty rooms, floors, and walls by the process of fogging. Also, it is useful for disinfection of surfaces, tools, and equipment.

Why it is used in horticulture department?

The most important reason behind it is sustainable and proven results.                 As it is a chlorine-free product, there is no formation of any dangerous by-products. Silver Hydrogen Peroxide shows a long-lasting effect and highly active at extreme pH. The best thing about it is that this disinfectant give protection to the crops.

  1. For livestock purpose

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide offered by Shelka Chem Industry is ideal for the livestock industry. Its basic use is to disinfect the surfaces of floors, walls, ceilings, and other rooms too. The organic deposits can easily be removed by it. Known as broad spectrum disinfectant, the offered product shows its action against yeasts, bacteria and molds. There is no presence of any residue and odour. Hence, the Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is used for –

  • Avoid any blockage in the drinking water system.
  • Eliminate biofilm and minimize the chance of re-growth of bacteria.
  • Restrict the spread of various animal diseases.
  • Valuable in improving the living condition of the animals.


  • Ideal for the Food and Beverage industry

The complete food chain can be disinfected by Silver Hydrogen Peroxide. Industries like dairy farms, dry food, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, snack and small food production are happy to use this provided product. This is highly effective against E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria. Look out some of the noted advantages of Silver Hydrogen Peroxide in the food and beverage industry.

  • Avoid the regrowth of microorganism and removes the biofilm.
  • No residual formation.
  • Doesn’t form any harmful residue.
  • Odourless and colourless.
  • Show controlled effect.
  • Non-corrosive in nature.


  1. Useful in cleaning a pool

Well, the disinfectant is ideally meant for cleaning the swimming pool and control Legionella. As compared to other chlorine-based disinfectants, it does not form any kind of harmful residuals. One can find complete protection from fungi, bacteria, algae and virus. It results in –

  • Crystal clear water.
  • No irritation to skin, respiratory system and eyes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Show controlled effect.
  • Doesn’t cause any harm to nature.


  1. Plays a big role in the Pharmaceutical industry

Shelka Chem Industry is offering a good range of disinfectant in the form of Silver Hydrogen Peroxide. It has the property to disinfect storage tanks, filling lines, pipes, surfaces, floors, transport systems and hoses. All thanks to its unique formula, it is present in odourless and colourless form. Another reason behind its usage is that Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is completely compatible with detergent. The next thing is that it is even active at extreme pH values and high temperature.

Noted advantages of the Silver Hydrogen Peroxide in Pharmaceutical industry

  • User-friendly in nature.
  • Safe to use in the industrial environment.
  • Show effect in a wide temperature range.
  • No toxic residue.
  • Biodegradable property.
  • Formulated by following health and safety standards.
  • No dangerous side-effects.


  1. Advantageous in water disinfection function

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is one such disinfectant that is formulated for the purpose of secondary disinfection of drinking water. Cooling towers treatment, biofilm removal, disinfecting the waste water and sewage can easily be done with the offered product. By showing biodegradable property, bactericide, fungicide, virucide, long lasting and non-corrosive nature; Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is a preferable choice among the customers. The best thing about it is that the disinfectant doesn’t produce any kind of residues.

  • Agricultural advantage

The demand for disinfection in agricultural industry is also increased. There are several reasons behind its convention in the agricultural industry.

  • Required for field sanitation – The offered product is highly useful for removing nematodes, anthracnose, bacterial leaf spots and many other microorganisms. According to the farmers, Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is active disinfectant meant for field sanitation.
  • Fumigating purpose – The disinfectant is also formulated for the fumigation of soil and doesn’t require any flushing with water. It not only saves time but money also.
  • Meant for curative usage – Performing curative treatment with Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is done by a spraying method, drip, drench and the dosage totally depends on the severity of an infection.
  • We all know that agricultural tools are the carrier of diseases. Hence, it is necessary to sterilize them at regular period of time. Silver Hydrogen Peroxide here is a useful disinfectant.


  • RV and marine sector

It is very clear that the marine industry does need the sterilization process. From drinking water to vehicular plumbing system, can easily be sterilize with Silver Hydrogen Peroxide. It is prevalent for its long-lasting water disinfection property and meant for controlling the water-borne infection.

  1. Hotel Management System

Both basic and recreational services are provided by the hotels. It generally includes spa, gymnasium, malls and many other things. Giving apt care is prime aim of the hotel industry. To maintain the sterilization, the hotels make use of Silver Hydrogen Peroxide.

  1. Maintain hygiene at home

Unquestionably, Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is a ready-to-use disinfectant to sanitize your home. You can sterilize the kitchen sink, fridge, taps, cutting boards and many other things. Other than home, Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is used for industrial kitchens, hotels, food catering, and food industries as well. Not only this, it is ideal for disinfecting the pet supplies including litter boxes, animal toys, eating and drinking bowl. Without any doubt, whether it is bacteria or fungi, being biodegradable in nature; it is highly effective and causes no irritation to any body part.

  1. Highly demanded in the healthcare industry

Shelka Chem Industry is highly popularized for preventing the growth of nosocomial infection. The process of atomization happens is responsible for complete disinfection and minimize the risk of contamination. Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is ideal for disinfecting the water, surfaces and air via vaporization process.

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