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Other Products


We,Shelka Chem is engaged in offering super  grade range of Algaecides . The Algaecides are specially formulated for  ponds,fountains, swimming pools,  and stagnant water bodies for eliminating and preventing algae. We provide these Algaecides in different packaging quantities, including 50 liters, 60 liters and 200 liters.


 Our metal treatment chemicals are processed  to be used for protection of iron & steels products from rusting . In case of oil type rust preventives there is dripping of oil from the components in long runs and the top surface/edges get exposed which results in rusting. Where as in case of Shelka 57, it dries after a few minutes of application and makes the surfaces passive.

The chemicals are  odorless and is stable for long duration . Shelka 57 having good algaecide and bactericide properties. It is a very stable product and has got one year shelf life.


Shelka 57  is bio -degradable product and presence of  any heavy metals is negligible so it does not cause disposal problems.

Shelka 57 covers  four times vast spectrum  than any other product.


Multipurpose liquid detergent

pale yellow, pleasantly scented, viscous blend of s surface active agents, foaming agents and emulsifiers, formulated for cleaning and maintenance of porcelain and ceramic tiles, glass shower doors, stainless steel bath tubs, toilet bowls, urinals, wash basins, sinks and shower stalls.Features and Benefits
· It removes soap scum, water spots, mineral deposits, grease and oil.
· It helps to clean Toilet bowls, urinals, ceramic and porcelain tile, tubs, showers and sinks.
· It is ready to use.
· It also brightens Stainless steel and chrome.

Jar cleaning chemical

Food and Beverage industry and also used for PET Jar Washing (internal) for package drinking water.Key Features & Benefits

  • It is highly effective at removing inorganic scale deposits, including Ca and Mg
  • phosphates with protein (milk stone), calcium oxalate (beer stone)
  • It is low foaming and suitable for use in CIP applications under conditions of high
  • pressure and turbulence
  • It is highly economical at use concentrations
  • It is formulated with non-foaming surfactants
  • It contains chelants and acids for imparting crystal shine cleaning of PET jars
  • It is a conductive liquid detergent and suitable for automatic dosing and control
  • Improves operational efficiency by removing deposits
  • Can be used for the passivation of new stainless steel installations
  • Non-corrosive on MS, SS and Copper



Liquid CIP for alkaline conditions in dairy industry.You can use normal and hot water ( 45 Celcious to 85 Celcious)
Product Benefits:

  • Economic for large scale application.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • The highest standard of hygiene.
  • Problem free production
  • In built scale reduce system.
  • Completely Bio degradable.
  • Completely soluble.
  • Improves wetting & soil penetration.
  • Effective in hard water conditions.


Water Absorbing Polymers

Activated Carbon 

SHELKA CHEM is engaged in the manufacture and trade of Activated Carbon that is usually derived from charcoal. We are able to consistently deliver on our high quality products because of our strong production and quality control standards and our stringent commitments to customer satisfaction.

Our products are designed for the applications in various  industries like (air treatment, chemical processing,food beverage,domestic water purification, effluent water treatment ,respiratory protection,nuclear technology,fertilizers, and solvent recovery )


  • Iodine(MG/G): 301 to 1202
  • CTC(%): 31 to 120
  • Benzene absorption(%):31 to 72