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Shelka Chem Industry is highly engaged in proposing a quality range of Algaecide chemical. The specially formulated chemical is to be used in fountains, ponds, swimming pools, and even stagnant water. It is required for removing and preventing the growth of algae. The chemical is known for showing its action on blue or green algae when used along with the water. Generally, there are two kinds of algaecides available – metallic one that contains copper or silver and secondly quaternary ammonia. In the market, most of the algaecide is meant for removing green algaecide. Thus, it is difficult to eradicate the black algae. To address this problem, Shelka Chem Industry offers supreme quality of algaecide chemical to show effective action. By treating the water first with chlorine enhance the algaecide’s effectiveness. On regular use of the algaecide, the line of water filtration system automatically increases.




Metal Treatment Chemicals are formulated for providing the protection to iron and steel products against rust formation. It is seen that with regular dripping of oil or greasy materials, the exposed surface becomes prone to rust. The metal treatment chemicals formulated by Shelka Chem Industry quickly dries out within a few minutes when applied on the surface. The offered chemicals are entirely odorless and show action for a longer duration. These chemicals are very stable in nature and have one year of shelf life. No doubt, it is a biodegradable product and does not have any presence of heavy metals. That’s why; they never case any kind of disposal problems. Our offered product range is specially formulated for showing the corrosion inhibition and development of decorative surfaces.

Shelka Chem Industry is one such company who is involved in meeting the expectation of the clients. Our products are highly employed for inhibiting the corrosion process.


Multipurpose liquid detergent


Available as pale yellow, pleasurably scented and a viscous blend of surface acting agents; versatile liquid detergent is used for cleaning and maintenance of all kinds of ceramic and porcelain tiles, stainless steel bath tubs, toilet bowls, wash basis and shower stalls. The industrial liquid detergent is very great in demand, because of its effective performance. The detergent is a combination of non-toxic, biodegradable and non-hazardous substances that effectively remove oil, grime, and even grease. Shelka Chem Industry is recognized for providing multipurpose liquid detergent which does not cause any kind of scratch or stain on the cleaning surface. We offer the detergent in various sized packaging depending on the client’s order.

Here are the benefits of using multipurpose liquid detergent

  • Easily remove soap scum, mineral deposits, oil, and grease.
  • Helpful in cleaning urinals, porcelain tile, showers, sinks, ceramic tiles, and toilet bowls.
  • Ready to use.
  • Extremely brighten the chrome and stainless steel.


Jar cleaning chemical


Food and beverage industry is formulated for cleaning the PET jar washing used for packing the drinking water. The cleaning chemical is formulated as non-foaming acidic cleaning compound, low foaming liquid used in the clean-in process. Industries like food, dairy, and beverage industry highly demand this jar cleaning chemical for an effective cleaning process.

Advantages of using a jar cleaning chemical

  • Useful in removing inorganic scale deposits like magnesium and calcium.
  • Being a low foaming agent, it is ideal for CIP applications.
  • Withstand high turbulence and pressure.
  • Cost-effective cleaning chemical.
  • Formulated using non-foaming surfactants.
  • Comprises of chelants and acids meant for providing crystal clear cleaning.
  • Highly suitable for automatic dosing and control as it is available as conductive liquid detergent.
  • Responsible for improving operational efficiency by eradicating the deposits.
  • Non-corrosive in nature.




The Clean-In-Place cleaning is related to the cleaning process of interior products which are directly in contact with process pipes, equipment, and vessels. Most of the food and beverage industries make use of this chemical to eradicate the micro-organisms and prevent their growth. Automated CIP system used for processing tanks, mixers, blenders, product transfer lines, homogenizers, fillers, and blenders. The concentrated and low foam CIP chemical is formulated to meet the cleaning challenges where the requirement of low foam is a must. The offered chemical can easily be rinsed using normal water pressure.

Look up to the advantages of CIP Chemical

  • Highly economical for large scale application.
  • Easy handling.
  • Simple to use.
  • Maintain a higher level of hygiene.
  • Offer problem-free production.
  • Comprises of in-built scale reduced system.
  • Completely biodegradable in nature.
  • Entirely soluble in nature.
  • Enhance wetting and soil penetration power.
  • Effectively works in hard water conditions.


Water Absorbing Polymers

WATER ABSORBING POLYMERSThe main aim of water clarification is to evade the suspended particles in the natural water of lake and river water. Such removal is quite essential for drinking water or water used for various industrial or commercial purposes. It is true that larger particles like sand can easily be removed. The task becomes quite challenging when it is about removing the stabilized colloidal particles that cannot be stabilized naturally. The colloidal particles generally contain clay, slit, precipitated iron, color bodies, manganese oxides, and even bacteria. Water absorbing polymers have the capability to absorb aqueous solutions. This ability is completely dependent on the ionic concentration of the aqueous solution.


Activated Carbon 


Shelka Chem Industry is highly engaged in offering the superior quality of activated carbon derived from charcoal. The activated carbon is available for extracting impurities from the water.  Eliminating the organic compounds is now easy with the carbon and used in various manufacturing processes. Even it prevents the chemical reaction of chlorine with acids and forming trihalomethanes which belong to the class of known carcinogens. One of the known filtration methods, activated carbon filtration is meant for achieving a high purity level. However, it is true that this process generally requires large surface area to show its action.

Being a reckoned company, we are highly engaged in offering activated carbon to match up with the requirements of our clients. Our products are specially formulated to be used in different industries like chemical processing, air treatment, food and beverage, domestic water purification, effluent water treatment, solvent recovery and respiratory protection.