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Glutaraldehyde Disinfectant

Glutaraldehyde Disinfectant

The sanitization of hospitals is an essential process of hospitals. Glutaraldehyde is one such disinfectant that is specially formulated for killing the micro-organism and also the irritants. Present as a high-level disinfectant, it is widely chosen by several hospitals.

Usually, Glutaraldehyde is present as a saturated dialdehyde that acts as a good chemical sterilizing agent. By using the alkalinating agent, the solution is activated to become a sporicidal agent. After the activation, the effects remain for minimum 14 days due to polymerization of glutaraldehyde molecules. Such molecules are actually responsible for showing the biocidal activity.

The healthcare industries do need a disinfectant for sterilizing the medical instrument and tools as well. Definitely, it acts as a perfect substitute for formaldehyde. Being an ideal sterilizing agent, Glutaraldehyde is a good choice for disinfecting invasive scopes, sputum mouthpieces, tubing, suction bottle, invasive scope, respiratory therapy and the operating room.

The illustrious characteristics of Glutaraldehyde

Glutaraldehyde has glutural, which is a water-soluble oily liquid having two aldehyde groups. Offered by Shelka Chem Industry, Glutaraldehyde acts as an antimicrobial agent in many hospitals.

  • Molecular weight – 100.117 g/mol.
  • Pale yellow liquid.
  • Rotten apple smell.
  • Soluble in alcohol, water, benzene.
  • Get volatized in the steam.
  • It is fixative for tissues.

It’s mode of action

Usually, Glutaraldehyde is a disinfectant that acts by reacting with thiol and amine groups. Both of them belong to common functional groups in proteins. The cell wall of bacteria is responsible for differing between gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Glutaraldehyde acts on the bacterial cell and shows its action.

The proven use of Glutaraldehyde

The prime aim of Gluturaldehyde is to disinfect all kinds of medical equipment that cannot be disinfected by steam sterilization process. Also, other materials that cannot be disinfected by heat sensitive, and need high-level of disinfection are sanitized with Glutaraldehyde.

Using Glutaraldehyde is a perfect choice for acting on bacterial spores. Exposing the hospitals with offered disinfectant focuses on the following activities –

  • Cleaning cleaner system.
  • Disinfection of all medical instruments and tools.
  • Rinsing the channels with Glutaraldehyde solution.

Marketed as cold as a cold sterilizing solution, Glutaraldehyde solution is activated by the addition of sodium bicarbonate as a powder. The whole task gets completed within three to four minutes. For manual cleaning and disinfection of endoscope, this product is the best.

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