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Advanced delivery system to generate chlorine dioxide with a purity of 99.9 %.Our product does not generate chlorine, chlorate, chlorite or chloride. The active biocidal substance is chlorine dioxide (ClO2). It is 10 x more powerful than chlorine (and chlorine type disinfectants), works at a broad pH range from 4-10 and does not generate any by-products or side effects when used.Shelka oo6 ( 0.3% solution) kills all water-borne micro organisms. These include bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi, mold, spores, protozoans, cryptosporidia, actinomycetes, cysts, and other diseases. It also removes phenols, cyanides, and methanogens from water. It is easy to use, simple to apply and contributes positively to all aspects of crop health. It has no harmful environmental impact.Shelka 006 is a 99.9 % pure chlorine dioxide in a 0.3% water solution. It is delivered as a powder kit of two components. These have a 5 year shelf life. Once added to a specific volume of water, the components react to produce a 99.9 % pure chlorine dioxide solution with a full-potency shelf-life of up to 30 days.