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Bio Culture Bacteria Solutions

SCI Bioculture 2015    Effluent Treatment

SCI Bioculture-2015 is an in force operative combination of microorganisms, enzymes and organic compounds for waste treatment. SCI Bioculture-2015 responds on industrial wastes and effectually create break down of biodegradable chemicals, hazardous wastes, heavy metals and pathogens. The micro-organisms and enzymes existent in SCI Bioculture-2015 are discretely fermented, scrutinized for wholesomeness and then formulated to produce the final product.

Operating Procedure: Industrial discarded water encompasses long chain compounds. These compounds are fragmented into simple molecules by enzymes. These simple molecules are then used up by the bacteria and transformed into Carbon dioxide and water. It significantly lessens COD and BOD levels in the in the discarded water.

Good Returns:   

  • Advantageously reduces COD/BOD in ETP
  • Diminishes sludge conception and accretion
  • Natural and eco-friendly technique to treat discarded water
  • Superlative procedure for elimination of bad odour and colour
  • Reduces power and chemical expense involved in discarded water treatment

SCI Bioculture 2016    Sewage Treatment

SCI Bioculture-2016 is a confederacy of constructive microbes and enzymes that have the capability to degrade nutrients in sewage water.

Operating Procedure: The joint mixture of microorganisms swiftly degrades nutrients. In the course of nitrification procedure, nitrite and ammonia are oxidized by microbes of SCI Bioculture-2016. By the means of consistent dosing, an advantageous regenerative microorganism film is formed in the sewage waste water that progresses the quality of treated water.

Good Returns:

  • Meritoriously reduces BOD, COD and Odour
  • Diminishes chemical price involved in sewage treatment
  • Stimulates sooner MLSS development
  • Diminishes sludge conception
  • Diminishes ammonical nitrogen generation

Utilized in: Residential Apartments, Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Membrane bio reactor, Sequence bio reactor, moving bed bio reactor and Rotating biological contractor.

SCI Bioculture 2017    Anaerobic

SCI Bioculture-2017 has the capability to degrade pollutants anaerobically. Microbes in SCI Bioculture-2017 are bundled in an inactive state and have a 98% reactivation rate within the shelf life of one year. Each individual strain is uniquely separated and cautiously grown in our fermentation facility.

Operating Procedure: Anaerobic and facultative heterotrophic bacteria have the capability to degrade highly concentrated organic industrial waste water such as the up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket and anaerobic ponds utilization in food and diary industries.

Good Returns:

  • Delivers continuous source of highly anaerobic and facultative cultures which improves the system
  • Permits effective beginning of anaerobic facility
  • Advances Digester systems repossession
  • Lessens COD & BOD
  • Sludge volume is lessened as higher quantity of solids are digested

Utilized in: Breweries, Dairy, Food Industries and UASB Reactors

SCI Bioculture 2018      Oil & Grease Elimination

SCI Bioculture-2018 comprises fusion of probiotics that have the capability to remove oil, grease and other organic waste accumulation and convert it into carbon dioxide and water.

Operating Procedure: Oil trap and drain lines will be layered with useful microbes, which will lessen future accumulation of grease and organic matter.

Good Returns:

  • Reduce Oil & Grease from STP & ETP Trap
  • Lessens Ultra filtration membranes obstruction and polluting
  • Shields pipelines and equipments from congestion
  • Cultivates biological treatment procedure for oil & grease elimination
  • Rise organic load amputation

Utilized in: Industrial ETP and STP plants and sewage consumption networks

SCI Bioculture 2019   Septic Biocleaner

Acetic and alkaline sanitation chemicals and reagents are currently used for toilet flushing. These chemicals kill advantageous bacteria of septic systems and creates bad odour and uncleanness. SCI Bioculture-2019 comprises of colony developing bacteria that provide 100% natural bio solution. The bacteria break down biodegradable materials and eliminates damaging pathogens from house hold waste water.

Good Returns:

  • Lessens septic tank pump-outs
  • Assists to meet CPCB norms
  • Decays feces, urine, grease, fats, food scraps and detergents
  • Lessens foul odours from the septic system
  • Lessens sludge accumulation

Utilized in: Residents, Commercial septic tanks and bio digesters

SCI Bioculture 2020      Lake & Pond Cleaner

SCI Bioculture-2020 is a wholly natural procedure of governing nitrates, phosphates, organic bottom sludge and odours in lake and ponds. The exceptional mix of bacteria has the capability to digest any organic wastes produced by animal and plant life in the pond. The cultures are totally nontoxic and harmless to human, plants, animal, birds and the environment.

Good Returns:

  • Breaks down Nitrogen and Phosphorous compounds in lake and ponds
  • Lessens BOD & COD intensities in ponds
  • Soothes the oxygen levels in the bottom of ponds
  • Progresses the aquatic environment
  • Clears up pond and lake water

Utilized in: Lakes and Ponds

SCI Bioculture 2021      Organic Waste Composting

SCI Bioculture-2021 consists of varied naturally chosen bacteria to create compost in the lessened time span.

Operating Procedure: SCI Bioculture-2021 transforms nitrogen and proteins into simple amino acids and discharges growth aspects in the compost.

Virtuous Recompenses:

  • Transforms rich compost
  • Non Toxic and natural
  • Economical method to generate compost
  • Lessened duration Biodegradation
  • Lessens bad odour

Utilized in: Hotels, Communities and Hostels


SCI Bioculture 2021      Hospitals Waste Water Treatment

SCI Bioculture-2021 is a combination of concentrated microorganisms that assist in treating hospital discarded water. It comprises of chemicals and multi resistant microbial agents.

Operating Procedure:

  • Excludes resistant bacteria, viruses and prions
  • Lessens bio medical sludge creation
  • Lessens Odour
  • Governs radioactive toxic in waste water
  • Lessens BOD & COD

Utilized in: Multi Speciality Hospitals and Laboratories