Descaling – Does it affect your manufacturing business?

For any industry, water is a primary component used for various purposes. In spite of all, the water is mostly used as a cooling medium for different manufacturing equipment like chillers, radiators, heat exchangers, compressors, diesel generator sets, furnaces, condensers and other. The untreated water is responsible for inviting several impurities like suspended and dissolved particles depositing in pipelines, water passage, and tubes.

The deposition of these scales results in irregular water flow, loss of heat transfer, minimum efficiency of the cooling system and even affects the working life of running equipment. Commercial and professional cleaners understand the importance of descaling. It is reported that hard water usually comprises of calcium and magnesium which cause hindrance in the normal manufacturing process. The buildup scale causes overheating of metal because heating demands increase in temperature over time. Blisters can arise and disrupt the equipment.

Reasons for performing descaling in various industries

  1. Making the equipment more efficient in its working

The principal reason behind the process of descaling is that it makes the process simpler without any breakdown. This shows how important descaling is for cooling towers, condensers, boilers and much more equipment.

  1. Regular descaling avoid the production of Legionnaire’s disease

According to the experts, a frequent descaling of chiller tubes and cooling tower systems is required. Due to the presence of mud, scale, sludge or algae; there is the formation of cake in cooler tubes. Also, it is reported that caking can also occur in water which generally gets accumulated in a cooling tower’s basin. By performing the descaling process; sediments, scale, and slime can easily be removed.

  1. Maintaining the safety of your home and business

The formation of hard water scales in cooling towers and pipes is responsible for lowering down the competence of their parts. That’s why; it becomes exemplary for removing these scales as fast as possible.

  1. Saves your money and time

Removing the descaling over time makes the equipment work at optimal levels. In precise terms, this process minimizes the total energy costs without compromising with the heating capacity.

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