Why there is a requirement of disinfection?


Food industries need a regular sanitization or disinfection process to clean up the contact surfaces. The key to get effective disinfection is considerate the micro-organisms which need to be eradicated. Generally, the sanitization is required where the wet surfaces are prone to provide favorable conditions for microbial growth. The disinfectant chemicals are formulated by disinfectant manufacturer make sure that foods which are generally manufactured in the industry are free from any kind of micro-organisms responsible for the different type of food borne illness.

Why there is a requirement of disinfection?

Simply, the disinfection is done by following the industrially set standards. The reasons for the usage of disinfection are very simple. Here are some of them to clarify your facts.

  • Prevent cross contamination

It happens that at the time of manufacturing, the chances of cross-contamination increases as the same machine is used for the process. Hence, it is necessary to disinfect the machine with the CIP chemical for food industry before the manufacturing of a second product.

  • Minimize the risk of microbial contamination

No doubt, the microbial contamination results in a number of diseases and reduces the product quality. Moreover, it doesn’t cause any kind of harm to human health. Cleaning is not the only thing; there is also a need for disinfection.

  • Safeguard disinfectant usefulness

Yes, it is true that the type of disinfectants does influence the effectiveness of disinfectants. When there is less soil on the surface, highly effective the disinfectant is in reducing the microbial contamination.

  • Helpful in improving the plant efficiency

Well, any kind of contamination results in minimizing the competence of equipment.

  • Enhance the safety

If the production area is not cleaned properly, there is a potential risk of contamination. Slipping and falling of food is a common problem occurs in the food manufacturing premises.

  • Influence the financial implications

By reducing the wastage of food, you are actually extending the working life of equipment and other types of machineries.

  • Curtail the legal consequences

One has to follow the standards to accomplish the legal requirements of the food industry related to clean surfaced and other equipment.

  • Reducing the risk of food hazards

To avoid food poisoning and foreign body contamination; disinfection process is a must.

How we can precede disinfection process?

A disinfecting chemical compound is generally formulated for cleaning the surfaces of equipment and working table. There are various methods by which you can perform the cleaning work.

  1. Soaking

From small equipment, equipment parts to utensils, a cleaning chemical compound is used for sanitizing sink in the food industry.

  1. Spray methods

The cleaning procedure of equipment with disinfecting agent can be done by spraying method using sprays that are generally used for steam or hot water.

  1. Clean-In-Place system

A well-known process, CIP system is designed for an automated cleaning system. This is widely used in combination with a permanent welded pipeline system.

  1. Abrasive cleaning

Any kind of powder and paste can be removed using the abrasive cleaning process and good quality disinfectant.

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